Erectile Dysfunction

Bravo for Men is a dedicated division of Bravo Pharmacy focusing on affordable Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) medications. Discussing men's health, particularly E.D. can be sensitive and sometimes difficult —financial burden shouldn't add to the stress.

With Bravo for Men, you'll find a supportive and understanding environment that not only prioritizes your health but also respects your budget.

We have the same drugs as generic Viagra® and generic Cialis® for less!

We offer a range of low-cost alternative E.D. medications without compromising the quality of care or efficacy of the treatments.

We work closely with healthcare providers to ensure prescriptions are filled promptly and accurately, so you can start your therapy without delay.

Feel comfortable discussing your ED questions and concerns with our pharmacist. We are committed to respecting your privacy with consultations and secure refills.

Shipping is available!

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Doctor Information

Bravo for Men FAQ

Yes, a valid prescription from your doctor is required. Your doctor can call, fax, or send the prescription to us electronically.

There are few insurance companies that will pay for E.D. drugs. If you provide us with your insurance card, we are happy to try.

We only carry products that are 100% approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

At this time, we are licensed to mail within Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Yes, we’d be happy to. Your doctor may have questions for you, so you may want to call them directly.


Yes for the 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg prescriptions. But the Sildenafil 20mg requires a specific prescription.

Bravo Pharmacy is a locally owned and independently operated full service pharmacy that has been built up from humble beginnings.